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Cultivating Leaders for Tomorrow - The #RIT Approach

CA S.K. Gupta, Chairman of RIT Roorkee, leading one of the best private engineering colleges in Uttarakhand.

CA S.K. Gupta


"#RIT - Prepare for the future with tech & management education, building ethical & responsible leaders.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Vice Chairman of RIT Roorkee, contributing to the success of a top engineering college in Uttarakhand

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal

Vice Chairman

"#RIT empowers students in a tranquil setting with advanced resources to become ethical, globally-minded professionals."

Prof. Madhav Ji Nigam, Director General of RIT Roorkee, enhancing academic excellence at a leading college in Uttarakhand.

Prof. Madhav Ji Nigam

Director General

"#RIT offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a focus on excellence, innovation, and societal impact."

Prof. (Dr.) Parag Jain, Director of RIT Roorkee, fostering innovation at one of the best engineering colleges in Roorkee.

Prof. (Dr.) Parag Jain


"#RIT equips students with knowledge for the global corporate world through quality education and industry collaboration."

Mr. Munendra Singh Chauhan, Registrar of RIT Roorkee, ensuring smooth operations at a top-ranking college in Uttarakhand.

Mr. Munendra Singh Chauhan


"#RIT welcomes students to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovation in a supportive environment, fostering success."

What's Cooking @ RIT?