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B.Sc – Medical Microbiology

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Class XII

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Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Uttarakhand Medical Education University

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Highly Individualized Curriculum

Uttarakhand’s First Career Oriented Medical Programme.

In addition to the HNBUMU prescribed curriculum, we also offer several value-added courses.
Did You Know?
Medical Microbiology dives into the world of microbes that cause human diseases? This degree combines biology, chemistry, and medicine to train you to identify these culprits, understand how they make us sick, and even develop treatments!
Year 1

Core & Skill Concentrations (In Class)

  1. History of Microbiology
  2. Classification
  3. Cellular Microorganism
  4. Acellular Microorganism
  5. Microbes in Extreme Environment
  6. Useful and Harmful Aspects of Microorganisms
  7. History of Microbiology
  9. Environmental Studies - Environmental Awareness Advocacy


Core & Skill Concentrations (In Class)

  1. Engineering Chemistry - Quantum chemistry Applications
  2. Basic Electronics Engineering - Electronic system understanding
  3. Basic Mechanical Engineering - Mechanics and analysis of forces in machine structures
  4. Introduction to Engineering Mathematics - Visualize and conceptualize Mathematical Problem

Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Web Development Boot Camp Training (By Explorin)
  2. Software Foundation & Programming Using C (By Grant Thornton)
  3. PDP I
  4. Aptitude I
  5. Industrial Exposure
  6. Expert Lectures: Design Thinking
  7. Synergy-outdoor Team Building Activities
  8. Let’s Present-An Inter Batch presentation Competition.
Semester 2

Core & Skill Concentrations (In Class)

  1. Engineering Physics - perspective of communication, optics and Electronics Instruments
  2. Basic Electrical Engineering - understanding the Concept of AC/DC machines.
  3. Programming for Problem Solving - Algorithmic and logical C Programming
  4. Analytical Mathematics - formulation of mathematical model for real-time problems
  5. Environmental Studies - Environmental Awareness Advocacy


Core & Skill Concentrations (In Class)

  1. Engineering Chemistry - Quantum chemistry Applications
  2. Basic Electronics Engineering - Electronic system understanding
  3. Basic Mechanical Engineering - Mechanics and analysis of forces in machine structures
  4. Analytical Mathematics - formulation of mathematical model for real-time problems


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Winter Training Program JAVA -SE
  2. Software Foundation & Programming Using Python (By Grant Thornton)
  3. PDP II
  4. Aptitude II
  5. Industrial Visit
  6. Expert Lectures: Corporate Etiquette
  7. Baat Cheet - Group Discussion activities
  8. Odyssey-An Education Conclave
  9. Inter-Section Quiz Contest
Semester 3

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Digital Electronics:  Mastery in Digital Circuit
  2. Technical Communication: Proficiency in Communication                                 
  3. Discrete Structure:understand and create mathematical arguments.
  4. Data Structures and Algorithm: Data organization in Memory
  5. Object Oriented Programming:  Object rule and code for Application
  6. Cyber Security: secured data from world

Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Advance front end Development (By Grant Thornton)
  2. Mastering OOPs & DSA
  3. PDP III

4.      Aptitude III

Semester 4

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Advanced Applied Mathematics: Optimize Decisions, Maximize Impact
  2. Universal Human Value: Empowering Lives Through Values
  3. Computer Organization and Architecture: Learn about Machine Architecture
  4. JAVA Programming: Language for application Development
  5. Formal Languages & Automata Theory: problem-solving and language representation
  6. Python Programming: foundation Language for AI/ML


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Full Stack Development (By Grant Thornton)
  2. PDP IV
  3. Aptitude IV
  4. Internship/Project
Semester 5

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Evaluate Algorithms efficiently.
  2. Database Management System: Record Management
  3. Compiler Design: code translator
  4. Constitution of India: India’s Rulebook


Departmental Elective-1

  1. Computer Graphics:  learn about 2D/3D Graphics
  2. Graph Theory: Code of Network
  3. Software Engineering: converting ideas into software
  4. Queuing Theory & Modelling: Decoding queues for efficient system


Departmental Elective-2

  1. Real-Time System:  RTS for practical application
  2. Fault Tolerant Computing: Fail safe computing
  3. Distributed System:Computers that works together
  4. Fuzzy Logic: Complexity with simple logic


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Mathematical & Statistical Skills & Introduction of Machine Learning (By Grant Thornton)
  2. PDP V
  3. Aptitude V
Semester 6

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Computer Networks: communication between Machines
  2. Artificial Intelligence:  Making Machine smart.
  3. Operating System: Concept System software


Departmental Elective-3

  1. Web Technology: Craft web pages
  2. Internet of Things:Innovate & connect
  3. Quantum Computing:Supercharged problem solving
  4. Augmented Reality:Virtual enhancement
  5. Reliable Computing: Trustworthy Solutions


Open Elective-1 

  1. Total Quality Management: Excellence ensured
  2. Managing E-Commerce and Digital Communication: Managing E-shop
  3. Industrial safety and Hazard Management:Error Management


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. Advanced Machine Learning, Data Mining & Deep Learning (By Grant Thornton)
  2. PDP VI
  3. Aptitude VI
  4. Internship/Project
Semester 7

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Rural Development Administration and Planning: Planning for Better villages
  2. Disaster Management: Crisis Control
  3. Innovations and Problem Solving: Tackling challenges


Departmental Elective - 4

  1. Machine Learning: Smart machine & Smart decisions
  2. Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks: Smart network
  3. Mobile Computing:Perform Task from anywhere, anytime
  4. Data Mining: Data classification & Clustering
  5. Block Chain:Securing Transaction


Departmental Elective - 5

  1. Cryptography & Network Security:Securing the networks
  2. Data Science: Data is new fuel
  3. DevOps: Code deployment
  4. Cloud Computing: Safe global data from world
  5. Natural Language Processing: Art of understanding words


Open Elective-2

CSE shall opt for open electives floated by other departments.


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  1. PDP VII
  2. Aptitude VII
  3. Project Seminar
  4. Design Project
Semester 8

Core & Skill Concentration (In Class)

  1. Project Management and Entrepreneurship: Idea to Business Success


Departmental Elective - 6

  1. Cyber and Digital Forensics: Digital Detectives
  2. Soft Computing: tackle difficult problems with computers
  3. Software Project Management: Guiding project to success
  4. Digital Image Processing: Pixel perfection
  5. Big Data Analytics: Dealing with large scale data set


Open Elective - 3 

CSE shall opt for open electives floated by other departments.


Open Elective - 4

CSE shall opt for open electives floated by other departments.


Industry Concentration (Off-Grid)

  2. Aptitude VIII
  3. Project
  4. Resume Building
  5. Group Discussion
  6. Interview Preparation

Hands-on. Disruptive. Experiential.

Our unique skill-building experiential interventions help you acquire knowledge through active engagement, not passive listening.

Hackathon Challenge

The inventive hackathon that brings together computer specialists and enthusiasts is held annually at the Roorkee Institute of Technology. It gives learners a stage on which to demonstrate their creativity, problem-solving skills, and proficiency with code. The occasion promotes creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication.

Professionals from the industry guide participants and offer insightful commentary. The hackathon at RIT fosters innovation in technology, networking, and teamwork while acting as a center for interdisciplinary cooperation. A prize pool of INR 10,000/- is allocated for the 1st Position.

Technomax - Annual Technical Fest

Technomax offers a platform for students to showcase technical skills and creativity. Open to all RIT students, projects are evaluated by expert panels. The event, held on the RIT campus, encompasses diverse categories like design, coding, performance, and presentation.

Participants gain knowledge, network, and engage in sessions on design compliance, sustainability, and efficiency. In the 2022 edition, the Strandbeast Spy Robo won the third prize, receiving recognition and a cash prize of INR 51,000/- for the Shining Star.

RIT Incubation Center

The Incubation Center @RIT is a dynamic platform propelling participants to enhance their entrepreneurial acumen. The Incubator is registered with Startup Uttarakhand and supported by Ministry of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME). 

Encouraging disruptive thinking, the Incubation Center nurtures an entrepreneurial mind set, inspiring participants to push boundaries and devise inventive approaches.

Bharat Blockchain

Fueling innovation, the Blockchain Yatra propels emerging technology to new heights. India’s first of its kind tech tour focused on Web3 and Blockchain, dedicated to narrating India’s remarkable Blockchain Story and shifting the narrative from hype to value creation.

Global Immersion Programme

RIT’s Global Immersion Programme offers a transformative 15-day experience in Singapore and Thailand, integrating academic, cultural, and industry insights.

  • Networking Opportunities 
  • No Jargon – Just Real experiences
  • Learn from globally renowned Professors
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B. Sc Medical Microbiology

₹57,500 per year

  1. Admission Fee and Uniform Charges Extra (One Time)
  2. University Examination Fees, Practical Fee & ERP Charges Extra as per University Norms
  3. The fee mentioned above is provisional fee & is only subject to changes as per Government/University Regulations.


Building Bridges, Not Just Equations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission & Eligibility

What is the eligibility criteria for B. Sc Medical Microbiology at RIT?

Minimum 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade.

What is the application process for B. Sc Medical Microbiology at RIT?
  1. Online Application: Head over to our website ( and Our Admission Team Will Guide You On To The Next Step.
  2. Entrance Exams: Appear for the online entrance exam.
  3. Personal Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal interview round to assess their communication skills, analytical ability, and overall fit for the program.
What are the scholarships and financial aid options available for B. Sc Medical Microbiology at RIT?
  • Absolutely! At Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT), we understand the financial commitment involved in pursuing higher education. Therefore, we are proud to offer a variety of scholarships for deserving students to help them achieve their academic goals without financial constraints.

    Here's a glimpse into the scholarship landscape at RIT:

    Merit-based Scholarships: Recognizing academic excellence, RIT rewards top performers
    with scholarships like the Founder's Scholarship which can cover a significant portion of your
    tuition fees and making your education more accessible.

    Beyond Scholarships:
    • Student Loan: We assist students in navigating the student loan process, ensuring access to affordable financing options.

Curriculum & Teaching

What is the curriculum like for B. Sc Medical Microbiology at RIT?

Covers core subjects like Medical Microbiology, Genetics, and Medicines.

What is the teaching methodology like at RIT?

Combination of lectures, tutorials, and lab sessions.

What are the internship and research opportunities available for B. Sc Medical Microbiology students at RIT?

B.Sc. MM students at Roorkee Institute of Technology have access to internships in various industries and research opportunities within the  Department, allowing hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge technologies and projects.

Campus Life & Placements

What is the campus life like at RIT?
  • Vibrant and diverse with a variety of clubs and societies for all interests.
  • Sports facilities, cultural events, and festivals throughout the year.
  • Strong sense of community and support among students and faculty.
  • Elective courses to explore various specializations within CSE.
  • Focus on practical application through lab sessions and projects.
What is the placement record for B. Sc Medical Microbiology graduates at RIT?
  • High placement rate with graduates securing positions in top companies.
  • Average salary packages are competitive in the industry.
  • Dedicated placement cell provides career guidance and interview preparation.
What are the career opportunities for B. Sc Medical microbiology graduates from RIT?
  • Wide range of options in hospitals, labs, and government research projects 
What are the hostel facilities like at RIT?

AC/Non-AC Rooms with Separate Eatery for Veg/Non-Veg Meals with on-premises Fully Equipped Gym.

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