Workshop On Women Health And Nutrition

RIT Workshop On Women Health And Nutrition

RIT organized a Workshop on Women Health and Nutrition sponsored by TEQUP III, on 25th of February 2020.

The Workshop included two sessions by Nidhi Mohan kamal who is a well known Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer from New Delhi. And DrSankeerthana B who is a scientist and a Researcher from IIT-Madras.

The first session was given by Miss Nidhi Mohan Kamal, she emphasized how a nation can only progress if the women of a nation are healthy and fit. She also emphasized on the importance of Nutrition, Fitness, Exercise and a healthy lifestyle. She gave many tips to the young students on how to lead a more healthy lifestyle and add nutrition to your daily diet. The talk ended with an interactive session between the students and the speaker.

The second session was delivered by DrSankeerthana B and she highlighted on the biological aspects of a woman and the specific nutritional requirements. The session also included various key points on Women Health issues and how to cope with them.