Workshop on Prototype Developed and Linkage with Innovation Ambassador by Mr. Jimmy Jain

A virtual lecture was organized for the mentee Institute Teerthanker Mahaveer University Moradabad on May 27, 2022 from 2-3:30pm under Mentor Mentee program of MoE’s Institution’s Innovation Council. The expert speaker was Mr. Jimmy Jain. Dr. Aruna Bhat (HOD- Department of MBA & Convener of IIC-RIT Roorkee) started with welcoming the president IIC-TMU and Associate Dean Academics Dr. Manjula Jain, Dr. Geetanshu Dawar Convenor- IIC TMU and members of IIC TMU, Director RIT Dr. Parag Jain, President IIC RIT Prof. Ajay Singh, Prof. Gaurav Chaturvedi, Mr. Amit K. Rawat and other internal members of RIT along with the students of TMU. The expert Mr. Jimmy Jain started the session with the introduction of Developing Online Repository of Business Plan.
He explained the importance of Business Plan taking into consideration the processes and systems that help in developing online repository. Moving ahead he involved students in taking up an idea and developing a prototype based on the experience they wanted to share. Mr. Jimmy Jain talked about prototype development and the ways one can take into consideration viz. potential risks, chances for scalability and various Repository Platforms which are needed to scale a business.
The students were highly satisfied with the session as they gained a lot of information regarding the Prototyping and Business Plan. More than 50 students from various streams attended the session. The program ended at 3:30pm with vote of thanks from Dr. Aruna Bhat.