RIT, in association of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand conducted an Expert Talk on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

Roorkee Institute of Technology, in association of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand conducted an Expert Talk on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” today, i.e. on 20May 2023, at RIT Campus for the enthusiastic CSE, CSE AI/ML, ECE, ME, CE and EE students. AIT is a world famous University and has already signed the MoM with RIT for faculty and student exchange programmes.
This one-day Expert Talk focused on the basics of AI & ML and stated that RIT is already a step ahead in conducting this kind of advanced Expert Talks for the involvement of their students in every revolutionary technological transformation that happens around the world in different domains.
Mr Rishi Jain, Research Associate from AIT Thailand acted as the scholarly resource person for this Expert Talk. Ms. Harshita Chaudhary, Coordinator of the event introduced Mr Rishi Jainas an expert with the distinction of scoring 9.55 on 10 as the resource personhaving the experience of a decade of applying Machine Learning and AI techniques in the industries in Thailand and other countries across the world. He has also worked in Deloitte a multinational company having its headquarter in England and strong presence in India. He has mentored thousands of students and Machine learning scientists through his career. He has extensive experience building world class AI products for some the best tech companies in the world.
Mr Rishi Jain during this Expert Talk motivated the participants about the importance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by giving acute information on how the technology got so much popularity and created immense job opportunities. He also emphasized on the mathematical background necessary for mastering AI and the tools building Real world AI Systems.
He insisted that all the students must have hands-on practical experience, including the fundamental activities of installing and setting up the working environment for AI/ML applications using Python, pip, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, and Keras. He motivated all the participants for being active learners and wished them to be experts in AI/ML and to be industry-ready.
Mr Rishi Jainappreciated RIT for magnanimously organizing this kind of Expert Talks for the better future of the Engineering Students with a clear foresight on the changes in the technology across the world. Mr Rishi Jain also praised the laudable efforts of RIT for maintaining conducive environment for this event.
Dr Parag Jain, Director RIT, motivated the participants to be professionally strong in AI/ML, which is a highly sought after technology all over the globe and offers the best job opportunities in all domains. Dr Jain also invited the studentsto do their academic and research development projects with the help of this technology and advised them to inculcate the habit of lifelong learning for their better future.
Mr Rishi Jaincommented that the vital objectives of this event were planned meticulously and havingthehardware and software tools giving much needed thrust for taking off into the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence space by the students.
MrRishi Jain was felicitated by RIT with the memento as a token of respect for his scholarly information. The faculty members along with the students from different courses attended this Expert Talk with a takeaway attitude.