Advance Hostel Reservation for Next Session 2020-21


The students residing in the Boys’ and Girls’ Hostel would have noticed that last year we were running short of hostel rooms. As of today we have no rooms left in the hostel. We expect a deficiency of 300 beds in Boy’s and 100 beds in Girl’s Hostel for the forthcoming session from August 2020.

In order to ensure a seamless check-in in the next session, the students who are already in the hostel are requested to deposit first their odd-semester fee to reserve their occupancy for the next session latest by 15th May, 2020.

It was observed that during check-in some students made excuses about coming at odd timings and not clearing the first semester hostel dues before allocation of rooms. Note that at the time of commencement of next session, no room shall be allocated till the time 1st odd-semester hostel dues get cleared.

The rooms for the old students will be strictly reserved firstly for the students who have paid their semester Hostel fees. Rest of the rooms shall be allotted on the first-come-first-served basis and availability of rooms subject to the condition of depositing full Hostel fee for the odd semester.

The management has planned to make the Hostel Mess air – conditioned and thus the fee structure of the hostel has been revised as follows.

Triple occupancy room and mess charges             : 65000/-

Double occupancy room and mess charges          : 70000/-

AC room Triple Occupancy and mess charges      : 85000/-

AC room Double Occupancy and mess charges   : 95000/-

Hence, to avoid any inconvenience, all the students who want to stay in the hostel should deposit their next semester Hostel fee latest by 15th May, 2020.

Chief Admin Officer