Top MBA College in Uttarakhand India


Top MBA College in Uttarakhand 

Besides being an incredibly well-reputed and top engineering college in India, RIT Roorkee is on its way devoting to offer the students a quality course of management (Master of Business Administration). We are regarded as one of the top MBA colleges in India and the best Engineering and Management College in Uttarkhand with an impeccable performance in building up the career of thousands of students every year. RIT provides all possible management skills and develops the personalities of students. With this, they will not only be ready to face any challenges in their career but also can achieve victory.

Our MBA faculties are well experienced and attain an impressive academic record. While RIT hires the faculties, they make sure that the individual can deliver what is needed in developing the skills of the students and leading the projects to set an applied example for students to learn more.

The MBA fields that RIT provides are Marketing management, Finance management, Human Resource Management, and International Business, Information Technology, and Agri-Business Management.

RIT is focused on its goal that aims at:-

  • Prepare the students in a way so that they get recruited immediately without a year drop.
  • Inculcate the knowledge of business administration with the help of various expertise.
  • Allow students to master the managing skills and productive ideas required by a leadership role.
  • Create a working environment for the students so that they are ready to face future challenges and gain experience.
  • Prepare the mind-set of the students to handle a critical situation and enhance their capacity in illustrating the awareness in case of any discrepancy.
  • In case if students face a corporate or some ethical issue in the future, a team of faculties develops them according to that.

The management course of this college is planned and implemented in such a way that it lays out multiple specialized learning elements for the students. This vital step became successful and led to great achievements and we are further working on it to achieve more in coming years. We are solely devoted to establishing expertise knowledge in business areas. Further, RIT offers an opportunity for the students to apply for internships that are going to be very supportive for their professional life.

A great step towards improving your professional life


RIT has specializations in four branches i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, International Business. The students are allowed to go for their desired field based on their area of interest. The government is promoting the development of new ideas and new inventions so that the one who develops the technology can also become an entrepreneur. Keeping in mind this fact, RIT has arranged an “Entrepreneur Awareness Camp”. In this program, the college develops all required skills and providing proper, guidance and training for setting up their own businesses.

Our Core Proficiencies


RIT, Roorkee has tie-ups with some foreign institutions. We would love to tell you about those major achievements.

We have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the IMISP, Russia. There will be exchanges of faculties and administration staff whenever the college requires to join a project, conference, workshops, etc.

Also, we have a tie-up with AMDISA and CESMA Business School, Spain. In order to enhance the management, grow up the culture, and research work, it is necessary to collaborate with these institutions. We exchange ideas, knowledge, and solutions and participate in various programs, conferences, and workshops.

Further, moving on to our professional competencies. RIT promotes technology and innovations, Business research, and consulting Leadership Enhancement Accredited Programmes.

RIT also collaborates with Apple in providing the MBA course in Data Analytics.

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