One Day MATLAB Workshop organized by ECE and EE Department

RIT Matlab Programming Workshop
MATLAB Workshop organized by ECE and EE Department at RIT

This  literature  review  focused  on  the  use  of  MATLAB,  a  computer  algebra  system,  as  a didactical tool for Engineers as well as Research Scholars. It has also looked at some theories of learning related to the teaching  and  learning  of  tools  with the  computer technology.  The  review  aimed  at summarizing  the  different  ways  in  which  the  software  has  been  used  as  a  tool  for visualization, computation, problem-solving, fostering positive attitudes and math confidence, increasing motivation & electrical and electronics performance, and projects.  It has also included the proposals in which the software has been recommended to be used. It is our hope that this review could be useful for those interested in integrating MATLAB in course curriculum.