MoU (Memorandum Of Understanding) signed between RIT,Roorkee And International Technological University, California USA


In a historical and memorable moment RIT  Roorkee which is located in Roorkee near Puhana has signed an MOU  International Technological University California USA .The program started with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony along with Swarwati Vandana  in the presence of Management trustees Mr. Naman Bansal & Mr. Yash Aggarwal, Director General  Prof. Arun Kumar Mathur ,Director Dr. Parag Jain, MLA Shri Pradeep Batra, Dr. Gregory O’brien , Dr. Basker Kura , Prof. Anil Mehra and Ms. Micah Thomas .

The team of international delegates was led by Dr. Gregory O’Brien President and CEO of ITU. Dr. Basker Kura who is  ITU Board member, Prof. Anil Mehra  Chairman South Asia Management Association and Ms. Micah Thomas  Executive director of Marketing ITU were present for signing the MOU Between RIT and ITU .

Management trustee Mr. Yash Agggarwal said in his speech that it is a proud moment for RIT that MOU is about to be signed between ITU  San Jose ,California and RIT, Roorkee .

ITU,California  has given awards to those faculties who have shown excellence in academics, Various awards were given to faculties of RIT , Roorkee by ITU like Excellence and dedicated academician award to Mr. Gaurav Chaturvedi , Award for achievement of excellence in career guidance to Mr. Munendra chauhan , Life Time Achievement Award in civil engineering to Prof. Ajay Singh,Innovation Technological Research and Dedicated Principal Award to Dr. Parag Jain ,Excellence in Career Guidance and Innovation product development award to Prof. Amod Krishna , Young researcher award to Prof. Vishal Sharma ,Life time achievement award to Prof. A.K Mathur ,Excellent and dedicated academician award to Dr. Meera Sharma Excellent and dedicated professional development award to Dr. Aruna Bhatt, Award for professor with excellence in teaching and innovation in Mechanical engineering to Dr. Amit Tanwer ,Innovative technologist and dedicated best professor award to Dr. Deepak Arya , and  Placement excellence award to Mr. Amit Verma

Dr. Gregory O’Brien from ITU mentioned in his welcome speech that it is a historical moment for (ITU) International Technological University California USA and RIT, Roorkee as it will enhance students skills and knowledge.

During this moment Dean International affairs Prof. Amod Krishna , All the concern Head of the departments , Prof. Vishal Sharma , Prof. Ajay Singh ,Dr. Aruna Bhatt , Dr. Meera Sharma , Librarian Manoranjan Dhayani , TPO Mr. Amit Verma and All the faculty members and students were present .