MBA with Certification in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing
RIT School of Management is introducing MBA with Certification in Digital Marketing – First time in Roorkee.
RIT School of Management joins hands with RIT School of Technology.

Since the world is shifting to a digital era, it is extremely necessary for the sellers to reach the buyers at a more convenient place that is over the internet. To address the challenges of today’s competitive world RIT facilitates the student managers to become ‘Certified Digital Marketing Professional’. The ‘Digital Unlocked’ certification from Google addresses the most significant barrier to digital technologies being more widely accepted i.e. lack of knowledge and skills.

The given Certification will help the student managers experiencing the real power of going digital. Not only do they realize the benefits of digital moving, but they will also be able to gain more. Such certification helps student managers to be the right fit-in to the frame of Strategic Business Units.

Course objective:

The main objective of the given certification is to help student managers to practically apply digital marketing strategies in the real-time environment. The certification by Google has been made for practical learning in which the budding managers get hands-on experience in the best and latest tools of digital marketing. Especially in these unprecedented times of Pandemic, Digital Marketing is the best way to reach out to potential clients.

Learning Outcome:

  • It helps student managers to apply online marketing process aiming to reach maximum audience.
  • To understand the basics of Digital Marketing Fundamentals and their applications.
  • To develop a holistic understanding of the digital marketing landscape
  • To understand the digital customer in terms of needs and behavior
  • Learn the process of strategic decision-making in the digital world
  • Evaluate and select digital marketing channels in order to meet strategic objectives