MBA in Data Analytics India 2021

Data Analytics

Today we are very much active with internet surfing like google searches, using social media sites, online shopping, emails, ticket booking, etc. Just think how much amount of data do we produce from those on a daily basis. When the data expands, it would produce a huge amount of data in a year.
There are millions of people who are indulged in these activities every day. Annually, it would add up to enormous data which needs to be maintained and a concerned person or team has to be responsible for this task. The professionals who look after this task are known as Data Analysts.
The profession is in high demand today. This kind of profession needs proper skills, knowledge, and ability to take up the responsibility.
Here in this article, we will discuss what Data analytics is all about, the skills or criteria required, and the best institution where you can enroll yourself for your Masters of Business Administration in Data Analytics.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a branch of science that deals with raw data and concludes on the information. They are also automated into some processes and algorithms. It includes management, analysis, organization, collection, and storage of the data.
MBA in Data Analytics is a two-year degree course that is eligible for any individual who completes the bachelor’s degree having more than 50% of marks. This course deals with various ways and techniques that you can use to transform the raw data into a meaningful intuition.

Data Analytics Technical Skills

The technical skills that you get on completing your MBA in Data Analytics are:

This language is used for coding and programming besides being a unified language that professionals use for data science, building websites, and implanting systems.

Structured Query Language
This is an essential language you must learn while you are pursuing MBA in Data Analytics. It resembles an excel sheet because it appears as a tabular form and structured. It is used to solve relational databases.

Data Visualization
In this subject, you will learn about the graphical representation of the data which are represented in charts, graphs, etc. It is very helpful while making data-driven conclusions.

Reasons why you must go for MBA in Data Analytics

1. Related Expertise – If you are a data scientist or a data analyst, you need a deeper idea and understanding of the metrics that are vital for the business, domain knowledge, also the skills to handle and analyze the objective of the business and the data. There are some non-technical skills apart from the technical ones, that an MBA aspirant is trained for.

2. Career Opportunities – You would be glad to know that there are a huge number of career opportunities if you are keen to pursue MBA in Data Analytics/ Business Analytics. You can be an analyst as well as a business intelligence manager.
⦁ Business intelligence Analyst
⦁ Market Research Analyst
⦁ Management Analysts
⦁ Operations Research Analysts
⦁ Data Analyst

3. Turned Up Business data roles- A huge amount of data is retrieved by all organizations as its growing every day. Companies prefer Data/Business analysts with MBA. They need a person to inspect, study and visualize the data for the entire organization. An MBA in data analytics would help you acquire the skills of an ideal business analyst or a data scientist.

4. Professional Development – You will be facing new challenges and come across new adaptions and ideas while working as a data analyst. For learning and understanding the environment and the requirements, you need to communicate with the people of other departments who deal with other components of the organization. Through this, you will develop your skills by gaining knowledge about other departments and how the organization works. thus you can develop yourself professionally.

5. Probability of improvement and higher salaries – As there is high demand for the profession, skilled professionals are very less in the market for data science and business analytics. Due to the shortage of skilled data/business analysts, eventually, the salaries are expected to be high.

data analytics 2021 RIT Roorkee

Wrap Up

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