Sanjay Agarwal

Sanjay Agarwal

Vice Chairman


We at RIT recognize the abilities of our students and empower them to transform and evolve into successful professionals. We achieve this through our state of the art infrastructure, serene and inspiring tranquil settings, exceptional team of our faculty members and administrators. The atmosphere at RIT is so composed, that it is perfectly in sync to cater to the all-round growth and academic excellence. Our keen focus is on preparing efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers and entrepreneurs, scientists and educators, whose global approach and futuristic mind-set will sincerely contribute to building of nation with faith in corporate ethics.
At the institute, the interactive learning is one of the most eminent elements, that render worth and camaraderie to the atmosphere of Institute. We firmly believe that support, guidance and assistance play a phenomenal role in transforming students into professionals with sheer excellence and sharp focus. In order to achieve the expertise and excellence in accordance with their aspirations, students need high degree of concentration, which cannot be developed merely by excellent academic teaching, but by having a controlled mind-set in life. Students are carefully guarded off from any kind of burden, anxiety or stress, whereas personalized care and attention enables them to grow into confident and competent professionals to have a great and blissful career ahead.
It is a matter of great pride for us that the leading corporate houses and industrial set-ups have earmarked RIT as a reputed centre for human resources. We enthusiastically welcome you at RIT to gain professional and technical excellence.

Sanjay Agarwal
Vice Chairman RIT