Yash Agarwal & Naman Bansal

Yash Agarwal & Naman Bansal

Management Trustees


The professional world is changing at a rapid pace and anyone who wants to stay at the forefront, needs to keep pace with the ensuing changes. You can accomplish your dreams by setting your own goals and by following an action plan to accomplish them. If innovation is the engine that powers the vehicle of progress, and automation the fuel that feeds it, then education provides the tools to prepare your roadmaps to reach your destination. By empowering you with all the knowledge and experiences, RIT helps you to scale and sustain the virtuous spirit to fructify your dreams.

Learning at RIT helps you to pickup rewarding challenges and seek unique solutions through collaborative learning and hands-on engagement. We leverage the planning, designing and thinking abilities of our students by working closely with them to re-imagine the future of business, technology, agriculture, forestry and education around a more personalized and purposeful learning framework.

The amalgamation of Engineering and Agricultural Sciences under the same umbrella of Himalayan Charitable Trust has given much needed impetus to the process of providing digital agricultural solutions. Our students are geared up and deploying the sensor networks to monitor vital parameters of interest viz. soil moisture, ambient humidity and temperature. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) fitted with cameras have become deployable for remote monitoring. The solution is poised to use Big Data analytics and cloud computing to provide valuable information to stakeholders in real time, thereby giving a leading edge to RITians. Join us to get the most rewarding opportunity and study in the serene environment bubbling with professional activities all-over the campus, enjoy the competition with some of the most brilliant students and reap the benefits of success.

With Best Wishes,
Yash Agarwal & Naman Bansal