Prof. Madhav Ji Nigam

Prof. Madhav Ji Nigam

Director General


I am pleased to inform you that Roorkee Institute of Technology is a fully equipped campus and offers courses at undergraduate & postgraduate levels in diverse disciplines.
Our Vision & Mission has always been a guiding force for me and my colleagues. The main focus of the institute is to be a recognised leader in Engineering & Science, Management & Research for excellence, empowerment through knowledge, innovation, societal relevance, and impact of its pursuits.
The Institute is imparting outstanding education and research programmes that provide various courses, individual and group projects in design and research which, combined with classroom study, will prepare the students for the professional practice of Engineering & Science , Management and Team Work.
The ultimate goal is to prepare undergraduate and postgraduate students for productive careers in industry, academia and government by providing an excellent environment for teaching, learning and research in the theory and applications of computing and information technology.
To keep pace with technology in RIT, as and when required, new technology oriented courses are introduced which help the students in their placements. Students are also involved in various extra-curricular activities for personality enhancement.
To achieve these objectives, teachers play the major role where the real task of a teacher is to provide basic skills, knowledge and research-work to improve creativity, all of which are necessary for success. Faculty members are committed in the growth of students by providing uncompromising standards of excellence in training the students, both in class rooms and hands-on activity sessions. They are involved in R&D activities, curriculum development and organising workshops, faculty development Programmes, conferences & symposia etc.
The institute has strong relationship with academic, research institutions and industries. It moves forward with an idea of strong commitment in building up competent programmes with resounding standards of distinction. The institute has well-set laboratories and an enriched collection of software covering a wide spectrum of applications.
I extend my best wishes to the students and faculty of our institute for creating knowledge and contributing to the growth of the institute and society.

Prof. Madhav Ji Nigam
Director General RIT