Mr. Bhupal Arya

Mr. Bhupal Arya

Dean Research


Today, there is an unspoken understanding around the world that knowledge-driven growth, propelled by innovation and creativity, is required for the development of a globalised society. As a result, RIT prioritizes not only teaching but also research excellence. To that purpose, the Institution provides progressive infrastructure and resources to facilitate scientific research and academic studies in frontier fields.
The RIT one of the leading Institutes is constantly on the lookout for opportunities for collaboration with academic institutions, industries, government organizations, research institutes, and others in order to provide students with a high-quality research training experience and enable them to become future change makers and problem solvers. Students have the ability to discover, innovate, solve crucial issues, and inform action.
RIT’s extensive, capable, and blooming research ecosystem, as well as its commitment to research excellence, is represented in an amazing research projects, papers, and collaborations. The teachers and students perform cutting-edge research in disciplines such as engineering, science, and management, and their vast knowledge has been published in multiple academic journals with high impact factors and citation indexes with the financial support by the Institute.

Mr. Bhupal Arya
Dean - Research