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India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219, Nepal: +977-9821880560 +91-9927099075 Toll Free: 18002700800

Utprerna – Social Service Club

Functioning the upcoming generation to be socially responsible citizens, and ignite the fire of social responsibility

UTPRERANA offers more than social skills to the students. It is a social learning community of RIT, which provides meaningful, practical and in-depth social & personal development by enabling them to develop their social excellence from inside out.

It also helps the students develop solid foundation in learning the flexibility, perspective taking and self regulation they need to solidify and keep healthy connection that are essential to a good life.

UTPRERANA is an important element of students’ well-being and their ability to socialize with others which brings students together and reveals their potential, talent and nature. Working in group improves the practical skills and self-confidence of students. On the other hand, students would know more about what is going on in the society; they may love the people around and the nature. They would also learn to live in harmony with the mindset of co­existence.

UTPRERANA improves students’ personalities and makes them more confident in society and hence stimulates their sociability. This makes them raise their expectations in positive aspects so that they can become more flexible and dynamic in life. UTPRERANA is involved in many social activities like Blood Donation Camps, Medical Camps, Donation Camps, cleanliness drives and much more swachhata abhiyaan.

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