Cut pieces of cardboard paper and write the words for common items found around the house. These can include things like furniture, bathroom items, articles of clothing, and children’s toys. Read each word aloud and ask your child to place it on top of the correct item. Gradually you can begin writing words for adjectives to describe household items. Include new adjectives that your child may not know and help them find items that can be described using that word. Encourage them to say each word aloud and even think of some of their own adjectives.



  • To the Object labeling is the goal of uniquely labeling each pixel as being part of a connected object.
  • It is related to the tasks of segmentation and thresholding, but when binary images are being discussed the task is usually refered to as labeling.
  • The goal of Object Counting task is to count the number of object instances in a single image or video sequence.