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The Planning Commission, Government of India, jointly with the Indian construction industry has set up Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) to take up activities for the development of the Indian construction industry.

The Council, for the first time in the country, provides the impetus and the organisational infrastructure to raise quality levels across the industry. This helps to secure wider appreciation of the interests of construction business by the government, industry and peer groups in society.

CIDC is a change agent to accelerate a process of self-reform that should enable the industry to answer the challenges of the future.

Clarity of purpose and intent forms CIDC’s mandate. Since its inception in 1996, the Council has taken several initiatives for the development of the industry. Few are given below:

  • Advice the Government on policy formulation related to construction industry.
  • Standardization of construction contracts and procedures.
  • Training manpower at skilled worker level and construction management level.
  • Grading of construction entities
  • Devise mechanisms for workers’ welfare.
  • Create an environment that ensures equality of opportunity for all Indian contractors.
  • Help evolve policies for financing.
  • Help the industry move from the current state of rule-bound, lowest-price-based contracting to a more quality-conscious, time-bound & technology-driven one.
  • Dispute Resolution in Construction Contracts.
  • Establishing construction equipment bank.
  • Interaction and networking with international organisations to promote emerging technologies and best practices.
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