Inhouse Training on Microsoft Excel under Industry 4.0

Training on MS Excel for MBA First year students started on April 25, 2022 by Mohd. Mursleen (Faculty-CSE Dept. RIT Roorkee). The curriculum was designed in such a way that the modules provide hands on training to MBA first year students in understanding the fundamentals of Excel and move toward the advanced level.

The inhouse training was divided into six modules and each day a module was taught to them. After every module the students the given practical assignments so that they can solve them on their own. The major topics covered in the six days training were the Customization of Excel Environment, Filtering and Grouping, Data Validation, Nested if Component, Pivot Tables, Macros and Advance Excel. The students took great interest in understanding the basic terminologies of Excel and understood these formulae to validate and analyse data.

The training was followed by an interactive session in which the students discussed various aspects of the subject topic and raised queries which were satisfactorily addressed by the trainer. Dr. Aruna Bhat (HOD- Department of MBA) alongwith the faculties thanked Mohd. Mursleen for conducting such an informative and interactive training on MS Excel. Mr. Akshat Agarwal was the faculty coordinator for this training.