Tata Motors, Pantnagar, Rudrapur

The Journey started from RIT, Roorkee to visit the TATA Motors, Pantnagar and reached there on 30 Nov, 2019 along with students of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering and Faculty Mr. Dinesh D. Gahlot.

Tata motors is an Indian Multinational Automative manufacturing company and headquarter is at Maharashtra. Tata Motors has auto manufacturing and assembly plantin Jamshedpur, Pune , Dharwad , Lucknow, Sanand in India as well as in Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, Great Britain. Students visited the Tata Motors Plant at Pant Nagar and obsreved the following:

  • They gave the brief introduction about tata motors history and gave presentation on the pant nagar plant layout
  • Tata motors was founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotives; The company manufactured its first commercial vehicle 1954 in collaboration with Daimler- Benz.
  • The Tata motors plant in pantnagar is the site where the best selling Tata Ace- The mini one ton truck and its variants are manufactured.
  • The students visited the frame shop, where frames were manufactured using various welding processes like; Spot welding, TIG Welding.
  • In Frame shop, During TIG welding process they are using corbon di oxide instead of inert gas due its availability and more effectiveness.
  • Students also visited the manufacturing of Tata Ace in assembly shop. Conveyor is used to assemble all parts from initial to final stage, each stage was equipped with man power and Robots.
  • The Total Area of the plant was about 950 Acres
  • They also briefed about safety measures for labour and engineers during manufacturing.
  • They have concept of green buildings

The visit was highly informative and gave an impetus to their practical knowledge.