Industrial visit to solar power plant Tulakpur, Laksar.

Department of Electronics and Communication  engineering has organized one day industrial visit at Shaurya solar power plant Tulakpur, Laksar. The number of students visited the plant are 29 along with Two faculty members.

The Shaurya solar power plant Tulakpur, Laksar is of 1.212 MegaWatt and equipped with latest flexible solar panels and other related accessories. The Shaurya solar power plant is spread in 4acres. It generated in one 4885 KWHr. In this 16 inverter installed and convert DC into pure AC sin wave.  Direct current junction box (DCIP) total 20 DCIP module connection box. 3840 solar panel is installed in plant.

Outcome of the visit

  • It is pollution free energy generating plant.
  • Healthy relation with the official.
  • Future plan for collaborative research on increase the conversion efficiency of the solar panel.
  • By mutual understanding 10 days technical training on PV module design and installation of solar panel.
  • Every semester more than one industrial visit for Electronics and Electrical Engineering Students.