Guest Lecture on Essentials of Business Law

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Guest lecture on ‘Essentials of Business Law”

Continuing with the series of Guest Lectures from eminent Corporates and Academicians the School of Management at RIT hosted Dr. Mamta Sharma, Head School of Law Justice & Governance and Dr. Rama Sharma, Faculty Law, School of Law Justice & Governance, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida for a  Guest Lecture (Via Cisco webex) on January 16’ 2021. The Guest Lecture began with a welcome speech by Dr. Nirmesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, MBA Department.

Dr. Rama started the lecture by explaining ‘Legal Intention and Capacity of contract’ to the students. Further, Dr. Mamta gave valuable insights to the student managers on ‘Consideration and Free Consent’. They speakers also briefed students about, how to form agreements, and what differentiates a void contract with the illegal one etc. The lecture was ended with a question-answer session.

Amongst faculties, Mr. Harshit Gautam, Mr. Amit Kumar Rawat and Mr. Akshat Agarwal were also present during the lecture.