Expert Talk on IPR and IP Management for Startups: An IPR Awareness Program

The program started with welcoming the  speakers. The introduction of speakers was carried out  by Dr. Aruna Bhat (HOD- Department of MBA) followed by lamp lighting ceremony. The speaker, Mrs. Jyoti Yadav started the session by giving a brief introduction on IPR. She explained all the stages of IPR journey and its challenges, solutions, and strategies. She  gave a brief description on her life journey towards the attainment of her goal. In the beginning the success rate of her project was very low but later she witnessed a great success in her work. This was also a very inspiring and motivating for all Students and Faculty Members. She delivered the information about Patent Application Processing.  The speaker also clarified the doubts of many students regarding IPR.

Another speaker, Mr. Ajay Rana started his speech by explaining about the Intellectual Property Rights. The speaker also gave a very informative content by explaining the different categories of Intellectual Property like- Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Geographical Indications, Copyrights. In the Question-and-Answer Forum, both the speakers went through the questions of participants and clarified all the doubts in an effective manner by giving realistic and practical examples and made the session interesting and interactive. The program ended with vote of thanks.