Industry 4.0- A Professional training for Design software AutoCAD

December 26, 2020 - January 3, 2021
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[rl_gallery id=”12374″]An AutoCad Training was Conducted from 26th December- 31 December for B.tech 2nd year.The above Training was organised under the Mechanical deptt and schedule is as follows:




9:30 AM to 12:30 AM


12:30 AM

to   1:30 PM


1:30 PM to 4:30 PM





EXPERT NAME : Hunny Tyagi

I. Introduction of AutoCAD

II. History of AutoCAD

III. Why AutoCAD?

IV. Product Design Cycle of the Industry

V. Difference Between 2D & 3D + Isometric View

VI. GUI of AutoCAD

VII. Coordinate System in the AutoCAD (Absolute, Relative & Polar Coordinate)


















I. Drawing Lines & Circles.

II. Erasing Object.

III. Cancelling & Undoing A Command.

IV. Inputting Data.

V. Creating Basic Objects.

VI. Using Object Snaps.

VII. Using Polar Tracking And Polar Snap.

VIII. Using Object Snap Tracking.

IX. Working With Units





EXPERT NAME: Hunny Tyagi

I. Selecting Objects In The Drawing.

II. Changing An Object’s Position.

III. Creating New Objects From Existing Objects.

IV. Changing The Angle Of An Object’s Position.

V. Creating A Mirror Image Of Existing Objects.

VI. Creating Object Patterns.

VII. Changing An Object’s Size

EXPERT NAME : Kapil Dev  

I. Drawing Objects.

II. Working With Polylines.

III. Creating Splines.

IV. Creating Ellipses.

V. Using Tables.





EXPERT NAME: Hunny Tyagi   

I. Trimming And Extending.

II. Objects To Define Boundaries.

III. Creating Parallel And Offset Geometry.

IV. Joining Objects.

V. Breaking An Object Into Two Objects.

VI. Applying A Radius Corner To Two Objects.

VII. Creating An Angled Corner Between Two Objects.

VIII. Changing Part Of An Object’s Shape

EXPERT NAME: Mukul Saini

I. Use Hatching/Gradients.

II. Create Annotative Hatch/Gradients.

III. Editing Hatch/Gradients Patterns.

IV. Editing Hatch/Gradients Boundary.

V. Other Features Of Hatching/Gradients



30/12/2020 EXPERT NAME: Kapil Dev     

I. Introduction To Annotation Scaling.

II. Controlling Annotation Scale.

III. Using Multi leaders.

IV. Dimensioning.

V. Creating Center Marks.

VI. Creating Ordinate Dimensions.

VII. Creating Geometric.

VIII. Dimensions and Tolerances.

IX. Working With Dimension.

  EXPERT NAME: Mukul Saini     

I. Changing The Workspace For Isometric Drawings.

II. Rules Of Isometric Drawings.

III. Working In Isometric Drawings.

IV. Isometric Projections.

V. Isometric Axes & Planes.

VI. Setting The Isometric Grid & Snap


31/12/2020 EXPERT NAME: Hunny Tyagi     

I. Using Layers.

II. Changing Object’s Properties.

III. Matching Object’s Properties.

IV. Using The Properties Palette

V. Using Inquiry Commands.

VI. Creating And Editing Multiline.

VII. Creating Revision Clouds.

VIII. Regions.

IX. Selecting Objects With Quick Select.

X. Working With Point Objects.

XI. Dividing And Measuring Objects

  EXPERT NAME: Mukul Saini    

I. Introduction to 3D Modeling.

II. Navigating in Working Environment.

III. Working In 3D.

IV. 3D Coordinate System.

V. Modifying Visual Styles of Solid

VI. Inputting Data.

VII. Creating Wireframes & Surface Designs.

VIII. Creating 3D-Volumetric Designs.

IX. Working with Pre-defined Solid Primitives.

X. Manipulating/Modifying 3D Profiles & Models.

XI. Creating Composite models.

XII. Filleting & Chamfering Solid models


December 26, 2020
January 3, 2021


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