Extension Committee’s (SWAR) Udaan – The Cultural Club organized “Halloween Party” on 7th November, 2022.

Halloween, originally a Celtic festival called Samhain, was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland for centuries. It then marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter during which Celts would build bonfires to mark the change of seasons. The tradition of Halloween which is observed in the European countries also marks the victory of good over demonic spirits.

Halloween was celebrated by decking up in ghostly attires and posing as witches, vampires and other evil characters from their favorite fictions. The haunting music, the dim lights, Jack O Lanterns, scary cut-outs worked well to create an atmosphere of eerie all around. The students had a grand party, shaking their legs enthusiastically to the tune of Halloween. Around 300 students and faculty members participated and enjoyed the event.