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India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219 +91-9927099075
Nepal: +977-9821880560

Bachelor of Science in Optometry (Bsc. Optometry)

Undergraduate Program
Head of Department
3 years

An Optometrist is a health care professional who deals with the examination, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system by utilizing Optometry as the science of eye care, use of specialized eye care equipment, including lenses and spectacles which is permeated with the idea of improving the vision of the human eye and removing all kinds of obstacles of sight which an individual may experience.

Optometry is one of the top ten income-earning professions, with the benefit of regular working hours, flexibility in choosing different practices, and multiple location options.

The scope for optometric practice is extensively wide and challenging in India and abroad. Students who have the desire, academic skills and commitment to aid people can envision a career in Optometry. According to reports, every third blind person in the world is an Indian and millions of others suffer from defective vision. With a career in the respective domain, students achieve professional growth, respect from community, job flexibility and financial success.

In India, the demand for qualified optometrists is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. Industry estimates in India point a requirement of over 2,00,000 institutionally-qualified optometrists as opposed to the current availability of a meagre 5,000 qualified professionals. Also, with leading optical chains coming up, Optometrists are highly in demand.

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