5 Days Faculty Development Program was held on ICT Tool for Teaching, Learning Process

RIT 5 Days Faculty Development Program

The use of ICT in teaching-learning process is a relatively new phenomenon and it has been the educational researchers’ focus. This empirical study aimed at finding out the factors influencing use of ICT to make teaching-learning effective in higher institutions of learning and identifying the innovations that ICT has brought into teaching-learning process. The innovations that ICT has brought in teaching-learning process include: E-learning, e-communication, quick access to information, online student registration, online advertisement, reduced burden of keeping hardcopy, networking with resourceful persons, etc. However, the presence of all these factors increased the chance of excellent integration of ICT in teaching-learning process. Therefore, the training of teaching staff in the pedagogical issues and administrators in administration should be increased if teachers and administrators are to be convinced of the value of using ICT in their teaching-learning process and administration.