2 days FDP on 5G Wireless Technologies

faculty development program RIT

 Faculty development program on “5G Wireless  Technologies” RIT, School of Technology  was conducted  under the aegis of TEQIT III in association with UTU held at  RIT, School of Technology Roorkee.

Prominent speaker Dr. Garima Saini, Assistant Professor NITTTR Chandigarh discussed about the concept of 5G Wireless Technology and the future of 5G in India. Mr. Satish Kumar , Principal Scientist CSIR Chandigarh given overview about edge Computing and IoT. Dr. Suman kumar, Assistant Professor IIT Ropra, discussed about the fundamental of self driving cars. Dr. Brijesh Khumbani , Assistant Professor IIT Ropra discussed about massive MIMO and MM waveMIMO, simulation in matlab