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Teaching methodology is used for strengthening the quality of teaching-learning environment and to bring academic excellence in the Institute and are as below:

  • Punctuality in Classes
  • Regularity in taking classes
  • Scheduled organization and distribution of syllabus, tutorials, test, notes and question banks by faculty
  • Makes alternate arrangement of class by faculty in his/her absence
  • Accessibility of the faculty outside the class
  • Timely checking of test copies and tutorials etc.
  • Academic progress report of students is sent to parents in every month.


  • Focus on syllabus
  • Self-confidence in teaching
  • Good Communication skills between the faculty and students
  • Show the evaluated answer sheets to students and discuss the answers of the test
  • Practice tests are carried out separately for poor performer students/weak students.
  • Provide testing and analysis instruments/equipments for practical and research exposure.


  • Use of Blackboards/Whiteboards for grasping and practicing more.  
  • Blackboards work in terms of legibility, visibility, sound and structures
  • Use of audio-visual lectures through PPT/you-tube lectures/ NPTEL lectures etc for clear understanding of innovative technologies
  • Conduct the classroom discussions or participation through inviting opinion on different topics of the subject
  • To organise industrial visits for providing technological/ practical exposure.
  • To organise guest-lectures through eminent professors and industrial managers for technical skills development
  • To organise Tech-fest for enhancing technical knowledge and creativity through projects


    • Help student in providing study material/on line study material for each subject like notes, assignments, sample papers and question banks etc.
    • Guidance for developing professional skills among students
    • Help students in realizing career goals
    • Encourage students for better planning of study
    • Research Journals and magazines are available in the Institute library for helping students for developing their research projects.
    • On line research papers can be downloaded in the Institute library.
    • Personality development classes for grooming the personality of the students