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Chemistry taught to fresher  is of applied nature. The environmental chemistry deals with the study of various chemical phenomena taking place in the environment, Including environmental chemistry in engineering. Study related to water chemistry, corrosion, fuel etc. forms the good foundation for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics  engineering students; whereas organic chemistry & polymers chemistry form the bases for chemical engineering students.


Study of physics aims at providing sound knowledge of the basics required for pursuing engineering in almost all branches.  The application of lasers in communication, military and medical sciences is of paramount importance. The fundamental of fiber optics is an exciting subject especially for communication engineering. Focus is laid on imparting practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject.


Mathematics lays the foundation of a good engineer. Mathematics   develops ability for critical analysis of the solutions of engineering problems. It is essential for students of the engineering courses to study mathematics to develop modeling and analytical skills.


Professional Communication  is  essential for  engineering students. It is a course that nurturers the student’s personality and communication skills. To enhance the communication skills we have a communication lab fully equipped with Audio and Video Devices, electronic equipment and other communication gazettes very useful to the students.

  •    Apple iOS Lab
  •    Computer Programming Lab
  •    Numerical Technique Lab
  •    Data Structure Lab
  •    Computer Organization Lab
  •    Java Programming Lab
  •    Software Engineering Lab
  •    Operating Systems Lab
  •    Computer Network Lab
  •    Artificial intelligence lab
  •    Web technology Lab
  •    Distributed System Lab
  •    Digital Image Processing Lab
  •    Compiler Designing Lab
  •    Cryptography and Network Security Lab
  •    Computer Graphics Lab
  •   Web technology Design & analysis of algorithm lab
  •   Operating system lab
  •   Computer networks lab
  •   Data structure lab
  •   Numerical technology lab
  •   Computer organization lab
  •   Java programming lab
  •   Software engineering lab
  •   DBMS lab
  •   Cryptography & Network security lab
  •   Artificial intelligence lab
  •   I.T. infrastructure Management lab
  •   Distributed system lab
  •   E Commerce lab
  •   Information system lab
  •   Web technology Design & analysis of algorithm lab
  •   Operating system lab
  •   Computer networks lab
  •     Electronics Lab I & II .
  •     PCB Lab.
  •     Digital Communication Lab.
  •     Microprocessor Lab.
  •     Analog Integral Circuits Lab.
  •     Digital Signal Processing Lab.
  •     Communication Lab I & II.
  •     Microwave Lab.
  •     CAD Lab.
  •     Telemetry Lab.
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  •   EMEC LAB  
  •   POWER SYSTEM LAB         
Mechanical Engineering Labs
  •   Mechanical Workshop
  •   Machine Drawing Lab
  •   Dynamics  of  Machine   Lab
  •   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
  •   Material Science  & Testing Lab
  •   Measurement, Metrology & Control Lab
  •   Applied  Thermodynamic Lab
  •   Fluid Mechanics
  •   Heat And  Mass  Transfer Lab
  •   Manufacturing Science Lab
  •   Graphics Lab
Civil Engineering Labs
  •   Environmental Engineering Group
    •   Water Quality Lab
    •   Micro-Biology Lab
    •   Air Quality Lab
  •   Geometrics Engineering Group
    •   Survey Instruments Lab.
    •   GIS and Image Processing labs
    •   Modern Surveying Instruments Lab
  •   Geotechnical Engineering Group
    •   Soil Mechanics Lab
    •   Rock Mechanics Lab
  •   Hydraulics Engineering Group
    •   River Engineering Lab
    •   Environmental Hydraulics Lab
    •   Irrigation Field Demonstration Lab
  •   Structural Engineering Group
    •   Experimental Structural Analysis Lab
    •   Material Testing Lab
    •   Concrete Casting Lab
    •   Heavy Testing Lab Including Workshop
  •   Transportation Engineering Group
    •   Pavement Testing Hall
    •   Traffic Engineering Lab
  •   Other labs
    •   Wind Tunnel Lab
    •   CAD Lab
Electrical Engineering
  •   Electrical Machines Lab.
  •   Electrical Measurements Lab.
  •   Control Systems Lab.
  •   Design & Simulation Lab.
  •   Power Systems Lab.
  •   Power Electronic & Drives Lab.
  •   Electrical Circuits Lab.
  •   Microprocessors Lab.
  •   High Voltage Lab.
MCA Labs
  •   Computer Programming Lab
  •   Data Structure Lab
  •   Computer Numerical Technique Lab
  •   Computer Organization Lab
  •   Unix and Shell Programming Lab
  •   Database Management System Lab
  •   Object Oriented System Lab
  •   Computer Graphics Lab
  •   Computer Network Lab
  •   Adv. Java Lab
  •   Visual Programming Lab
  •   Project Lab
MBA Labs
  •   Communication Lab