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Transport Facilities: The transport facility is provided by the institute to the student & staff . The college runs the buses throughout  Roorkee city and also from Saharanpur and Haridwar. For this facility the nominal charges have to be paid by the students.
INTERNET AND COMPUTING FACILITIES:- RIT  has established  a  modern air conditioned Computer Centre  having  Internet facility with dedicated  wide band  of RF Link - 100Mbps. The entire RIT campus is covered with  Wi  Fi facility and connected with the Local Area Network .   RIT provides free Internet facilities to all students in the hostels also.
MEDICAL FACILITIES :- First aid and elementary medical facilities are available in the hostel through a qualified  and highly experienced   MBBS  doctor, Dr. M.P. Garg.  In case of emergency, patient student  is taken to the nearest medical practitioner / hospital for which a van is available  on 24x7 hrs. basis in the campus and the local guardian  of the student  is immediately  informed.
  The local guardian takes charge of the ward thereafter and all medical expenses shall be borne by him. The entire responsibility of treatment will rest with the parent / local guardian/ student concerned.
Language Lab:- The Language lab is designed to have an interactive session with the students for improving their pronunciation, communication skills and their perceptions through audio- visual aids. The facility consists of playing audiocassettes, Video Cassettes and CDs.
Guest Lecture:- RIT strongly believes that having a guest speaker is an excellent way to provide current, realistic sharing on a contemporary topic, It boosts the professional value of the student.

Committees:- Number of committees are functional  in the institute  for  managing  routine activities  of the institute.   The members on such committees are usually the faculty members and in many cases student representatives are also involved.   These committees are entrusted with the specific responsibility  and  expected to do their  jobs efficiently.  Through these activities students also develop a sense of responsibility which helps them in future life too.
1.CULTURAL COMMITTEE:- "The Cultural Committee", as it is popularly referred to  is a SWAR   responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute round the year. It comprises seven sections which take care of the varied fields of cultural events. 
2.DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE:- This committee maintains discipline in the institute.
3.ANTIRAGGING COMMITTEE:- This committee is formed in order to  make  the campus free from ragging  where  new students feel comfortable and study fearlessly.
CIC Center:  This center is formed to provide information about the institute and other notices for students by local Information Portal (Intranet).
Personality Development Programme:- Regular programmes are conducted to develop communication,   interpersonal  skills and ability to work in a team in different environment . Guest lectures and  professional from the corporate world are invited regularly to share their experience and knowledge with the student to provide latest update, trends and practices.
Dress Code :- The Institute is having its dress code,  which gives a sense of belongingness and commonality  in the  institute . Besides, the dress code encourages students to be smartly dressed and more disciplined. All students are required to come in classes and all other official functions  in proper and prescribed dress/uniform.