Master of Computer Application



Constantly since its commencement in 2007, the MCA Department strives to meet the computing necessities of different sectors. Faculty of Computer Application has been recognized to design and offer courses with the lookalike objective of producing world class computer professionals to keep pace with the R&D activities in this high-speed emerging and changeable field of Computer Application. RIT gives more emphasis on delivering the Industry Ready Professionals to get fit into the future requirement of Industrial Milieu. 

MCA at RIT brings the understanding of Computing with the blend of fundamentals and Application development. RIT gives more emphasis on latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster.   Highly educated and dedicated faculty members at RIT sharpen knowledge of students enabling them to get advancement of Information Technology and Computer Application skills preparing them for rewarding career in the field of IT.

RIT in collaboration with IIT Bombay under Spoken Tutorial Programme provides complete knowledge of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) with applications. This programme will sharpen the IT Solutions in different fields building innovative young talents with foremost technological expertise. 

MCA designed to provide quality education to students with the array of IT Skills Training, Programming Software and Job Oriented Software Training. It aims to offer an endearing and exigent maneuver oriented academic environment enabling students to develop an probing and insightful approach.

The laboratory facilities and experiments are designed to achieve parallel growth in theoretical and practical skills, keeping in mind the current developments.

MCA Laboratories :
  1. Computer Programming Lab                        
  2. Data Structure Lab
  3. Computer Numerical Technique Lab
  4. Computer Organization Lab
  5. Unix and Shell Programming Lab
  6. Database Management System Lab
  7. Object Oriented System Lab
  8. Computer Graphics Lab
  9. Computer Network Lab
  10.  Adv. Java Lab
  11.  Visual Programming Lab
  12.  Project Lab

This is department have a tie-up with IIT-Bombay for better learning process of various languages and subjects.



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