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Roorkee Institute of Technology is a platform for students to get prepared to face the challenges of the corporate world. The students are made to realize their ambitions by instilling in them the inquisitive nature and perseverance required to be innovative and collaborative. The Research and Development experience will complement your rigorous curriculum and make learning by doing much more fun than what you would expect.

RIT is growing each passing year and every batch is highly talented and is in tune to serve the expectation of the technical sector. We live in an ever changing world and in order to keep up and stay ahead of the competition, we have a mounting responsibility to understand our own capabilities and identity while also being able to absorb the pressure and learn from every opportunity. One of the most effective ways to do this is to engage in continuous learning and taking action on what you learn with confidence. I am positive that the learning that you will get by the way of action introduced by RIT will not only help you to realize your true potential but also will be the most effective method of training and development in higher education. R&D is essential to the engineering industries and businesses of many major MNCs. We have all seen the rise of number of R&D centres in India and abroad and the continued investment in the future. Together we will advance RIT's mission to ensure that the college emerges as a leader in R&D. Many innovations have already been initiated at the institute. Innovative technologies make the future possible and RIT is at the forefront of this endeavour. Highly motivated faculty and specialist from industry work with students and software certification programmes “Spoken Tutorial” from IIT Bombay. We are also a local chapter for NPTEL for improvement in technical knowledge.

We continue and learn to adapt through closed cooperation with national and international universities. If you are interested in doing research and developing your expertise please talk to your HOD or me directly. Our doors are always open.

Dr. Naveen Rawat

B.E. Metallurgy GCE, Salem, TN
M.S. Materials Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA
PhD. Materials Science, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

Dean Research


Dr. Rawat has been involved in Research and Development activities starting with working on improvement of Oxidation properties of Carbon Nanotubes and more recently on Development of Spectroscopy methods to investigate optical and magnetic properties in semiconductors. He has a unique interdisciplinary background of being involved in experimental physics and chemistry as well as strong engineering background and has published in high impact factor journals such as Nature, Scientific reports and JACS. He has presented numerous papers internationally at APS, MRS, SPIE society in USA and also attended specialized conferences in Europe. He was involved in two NSF projects and gained valuable experience working in National Synchrotron Facility in Cornell, NY as well the National High Magnetic Field Lab in Florida, USA, a premier lab for high B/T experiments. He was an essential team member in the development of the new visible, ultrafast experiments in the Florida Helix 25T magnet located at NHMFL Florida which was also funded through NSF. Dr. Rawat has also been involved in undergraduate teaching since the last decade and currently holds a faculty position in the Physics Department at RIT, Roorkee.

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