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Top Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

Shaping your future

Finished your 12th standard? Planning to take Bachelor of Technology specialization? We know there are many questions revolving in your mind like from where to study, which college to select and what branch to pursue. It is an important decision of your life. For a successful career, engineering is always considered to be a golden profession. An engineering degree is awarded in various disciplines and to get admission in elite colleges like Dehradun Engineering College, one must compete in the JEE and CET for admission. Engineering is not just a degree, but it is a skill to apply scientific knowledge to create, design structures, machines materials and systems. Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech is an undergraduate academic degree, which has many branches under it.

There are many B.Tech Colleges in Dehradun which offers degree in following Branches:

  1. B-Tech in Mechanical engineering:


Mechanical engineering is most preferred stream of engineering that offers variegated options in terms of making career. Mechanical engineers are required in almost all sectors so, their demand in the job is always high. Petroleum industries, electronics, hardware & software sectors, aircraft and banking sectors are some of the places, where a mechanical engineer is needed.

  1. B. Tech in Computer Engineering:


In this stream of engineering; computation, implementation and applications of computer systems is taught. It gives emphasizes on graphic designing and programming language. With booming IT sector, computer engineers have a very good scope. TCS, Infosys and Wipro are some of the highly reputed companies, which hire computer engineers.

  1. B-Tech Civil Engineering:


One of the most important branches of engineering, Civil engineering is essential for the development of society and it works on building roads, bridges and airports. Civil engineers design new buildings, dams and so many uncountable infrastructures to make our lives simpler. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is enough to occupy a management position in any top company.

  1. B-Tech in Electronics:


If you are planning to pursue your career in electronic engineering, then it is surely a very good option. An electronic engineer can grow his career in mobile communication, telecommunication industry, IT sector and consumer electronics industry. All India Radio and Civil Aviation are among the top companies, where an electronic engineer has scope of placement.

  1. B-Tech in Chemical Engineering:


Offered in less number of colleges, this branch is tough and requires hard work. But, once the course is completed, both private and public sectors are open for the job. This course covers various topics like:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Chemical processes
  • Chemical plant design
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Thermodynamics

Before choosing any of these branches, do research about them. And, no matter which branch you choose, make your career in one, which you find interesting. Remember, only choosing an engineering discipline won't decide your future, but your hard work and dedication will.

Summary: There are many B.Tech Colleges in Dehradun which offer B.Tech degree in various disciplines. Dehradun Engineering College is counted among the trusted college, which is working towards shaping the future of students.